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about [reisoft]

Mission Statement

We are a dynamic, innovative company that will compete in local markets and strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. The foundation of our commitment will be to provide our customers with timely delivery of quality products and services at Competitive Values.


We began with a group of 3 'musketeers' that published websites for small to medium enterprises. Now, after much hardwork we have managed to blossom from nothing to what we had hoped to achieve previously. Having said that, Reisoft has just collaborated with award winning graphic artists to create a mentally stimulating environment for our business. As our main line of business also encompasses multimedia, input from other industries will help us a great deal.  Upcoming services include an online auction and online 'Penpal'. So watch for updates!

Award Winning Technology

Reisoft has spent the past six months working to incorporate great ideas and  implementing phase by phase. Our  package for web hosting,  web publishing and computer systems have been warmly recognised. In February 1999, Singapore Polytechnic together with a panel of judges from the business industry awarded our business with the Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneurial Competition award. As a result, a large amount of interest was generated regarding our business potential and subsequently have been approached by several interested parties curious as to what we do.


Our showroom and office is located at 274, River Valley Road, Level 3, Singapore 238316. Please do notify us in advance if should there be a need for a formal presentation and meetings. Contact us or give us a call 98773411 now


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