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[reisoft] site guide

[ Main ]

Site that gives a brief introduction to what [reisoft] is doing. There are links to introduce the company personnel and management.

[ Services ]

[reisoft] has several services. Services includes on-line auctioning, web hosting, web designing, sales of computers and hardwares. and pen-pal column.

[ Portfolio ]

This site displays the past projects which includes graphic designs and web designs.

[ Client ]

All the past reisoft clients´ websites and links can be found on this page.

[ Registration ]

Those who wants to both purchase or auction off the products must register via this page.

[ Download ]

Freewares and other [reisoft] sharewares and patches can be downloaded via this page.

[ Products ]

Information of softwares that [reisoft] has created and be found on this page.

[ Contact ]

Feedbacks, quotations, orders and suggestions can be made via this page.


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